Dance Film

Meg Davis

“If you want to do something big with your life, ask your mom for ballet lessons.”

I was seven or eight when I heard the Holy Spirit whisper those words into my heart. Ballet started a couple years later. By sixteen, my parents realized that my passion for dance was a serious pursuit so I left home for two years of training at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, then another two years at Ballet Academy of Pittsburgh. I filmed “Blue Dress” while in Pittsburgh, after which I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to attend The Art of Classical Ballet School. I was now twenty one and seeking employment with professional dance companies.

“I was made to create stories.”

Closed doors led me back to God. Hadn’t He called me to dance? Where was I to go? In that moment of questioning, He turned a word picture into a story. I filmed “Galatians 5” that spring and found full-time employment in retail. “Shine” was the hardest of all, spanning years of filming and production, but I learned more from that project than any other.

“If I can’t dance, I will write.” 

Retail employment became office employment and my muscles tightened from long hours sitting. Burdened with heavy emotions one evening, I poured my heart out in short fiction and Stories of Alberian was born. I pushed myself to publish monthly for the next two years until private collaborations demanded all my creativity.

“If I cannot create, I will breathe.”

Spring of 2016 began a season of change. I fell in love with my husband. It was also at this time that years of non-stop work took their toll. My romantic enthusiasm came with hot flashes and heart palpitations.  On heavy days, thoughts of depression and suicide overwhelmed me. I had struggled with these off and on for years but burnout had depleted my body.

“If I can breathe, maybe I can paint.”

I asked for watercolors that Christmas. With neither the energy to dance or even write, I thought maybe a calm art would help revive me. It became my happy place. I quit my job April 2017 and moved in with my future in laws. Four months later in August, I married my beloved husband. Now a self-employed house wife, I finally have the margin to create again. This is what happens next.

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